George’s bike, my bike tour, and George’s other bike

I just got back from bike tour around the Olympic peninsula on my tandem. When I walked back into my shop, I found George’s new touring frame on the stand where I’d left it. It’ll go home to him in a few days after I finish a few final touches like the handlebar tape and mudflaps. Excited to see the adventures this bike goes on, including a big cross-country tour starting next May.

Speaking of my own bike tour, my wife and I just traveled 540 km around the Olympic peninsula on our tandem for nine days. We spent most nights in campsites, and two in hotels. We rode for four days, then took one extra rest day at Lake Crescent, and rode another four days to get home. The entire ride strung together a bunch of highlights of the area. The Olympic Discovery Trail was well-marked and scenic. We stayed next to three beautiful lakes: Lake Crescent, Lake Quinault, and Lake Sylvia, and camped next to the ocean on all three sides of the Peninsula at Potlatch, Sequim, and Kalaloch. It was nice to take time to enjoy the route and scenery, riding all in daylight!

And George’s other bike… If you’re a member of Randonneurs USA, you may have seen his dark green Thompson on the cover of the latest issue of the magazine. It was great to hear from friends as they received their copy in the mail and snapped a photo.

Next up is Steve’s touring/rando bike. I’ve been keeping busy with custom builds, wheel builds and restoration projects. Stay tuned for updates!

2 responses

  1. Hans Jatzke

    Does George’s bike have a special Hahn Rossman headset that works with a brush to transmit electricity to the tail light? The headset looks a little like the one Hahn put on his Concourse de Machines bike.

    September 10, 2022 at 7:56 pm

    • Good eye! Hahn and I came up with the idea together, he’s made some improvements and has of course taken care of producing them since he’s the one with the CNC machines. We’ve both used quite a few of them.

      September 13, 2022 at 6:24 pm

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