Order Process:


If you’re interested in a Thompson bicycle, click the contact link to begin a dialogue with me about what you’re after.  Once we’ve agreed about the general form and purpose of your new bike, you’ll need to come for a fit consultation.  If this truly isn’t possible, we can work around it, but Olympia is a nice place, you really should come and visit!


Once we’ve decided what your bike is going to look like and how it’s going to fit, you’ll need to pay a $500 deposit.  I’ll do a full size drawing that shows all frame/fork dimensions, braze-ons, and other special features.  I’ll provide you with a copy for your approval.  After any revisions are made, you’ll approve the drawing and I’ll order materials.  Now comes the hard part: you have to sit back and wait.  While I’m working on your bike, I’ll email you photo updates from time to time and post progress reports on the blog.


By the time I’m finished with fabrication, you will have decided on a color scheme.  I’ll box up your frame and fork and send them out for paint or powdercoat.  If you’re getting a rack, I’ll send it to the chrome shop.  If you’re getting a complete bike, we’ll finalize component choices and order all of those so that they’re waiting when the frame comes back.  I’ll assemble your bike and notify you it’s ready for delivery.




This is not a complete list- almost anything is possible, so if you want an option or feature that you don’t see here, just ask.


Frame and fork: starts at $3300, lugged or fillet brazed, includes basic one color finish by Forever Powdercoating.


Custom stem, chrome: $360


Custom stem, painted to match bike: $270


Small front rack with décaleur (only with frame/fork): $480


S&S couplers: $600


Schmidt SL automatic connection dropouts: $120

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