Ian’s new bike

Repeat customers are great.  Several years ago, Ian and his girlfriend Sierra (now his wife) ordered a tandem from me.  Even at that time though, he was overdue for a new single bike.  The years of waiting have finally come to an end and last spring he took delivery of this one.  Mostly, it’s a randonnuering bike, but when the front lowrider rack is installed, it will work great for light touring.  I’m sure it will see a lot of gravel miles too.

I posted some teaser shots of various parts of the bike on Instagram a few months ago, but I never got a chance to take pictures of the whole thing after it was done because Ian was immediately headed to California and Nevada for a 1000km brevet.  The season has slowed down a little bit now and I was finally able to get the bike back for a couple photos.  Judging by the amount of wear on the chain and tires, he’s been really enjoying it!

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