Birthday Bike!

This customer had been dreaming of a nice randonneuring bike for years and decided to treat himself for his 50th birthday.  Happy Birthday!

We started with a set of Pacenti lugs, re-shaped to please my eyes. Original is on the right, modified on the left.

Compass bottom bracket shell, also heavily modified.

Compass fork crown, just after brazing and before any cleanup. This crown is hollow, so the wire from the Schmidt hub can run inside the fork blade, through the crown, and into the steerer tube.

Starting to look like a bike- getting ready to fit the seat stays.

Fitting the seat stays.

My very last pair of MAP dropouts. The stainless faces have been polished and left bare of paint so that they’ll always look nice.

The front derailleur tab, like most of the other braze-ons, is stainless. The face where the washer bites in has been polished and left bare- no chipped paint here!

The assembly always begins with the lighting system- the wires are easiest to run when nothing else is in the way. Next is the fenders.

Ready to ride!

The fenders received a blue accent stripe in each flute and custom mudflaps.

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