Happy New Year!

I have big plans for 2018.  There are lots of bicycles to build, but also lots of travel and new adventures.  Of course all the travel and adventures involve riding bikes!

I didn’t post as often as I should last year, so before I head back to the bench tomorrow here are some of the projects and adventures from 2017.

Playing in the snow with Jan and Natsuko.

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Sheer tandemonium! #fleche2017

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Flèche Northwest on a team of tandems!!!

The dogs participated in the Thurston County Bicycle Commuter Contest.

Polished stainless lugs and chromed fork crown.

Afternoon sun lighting up a new bike.

Tandem tour in Tuscany. Headed up the hill to Montalcino!

Taking another break on the way to Montalcino.

We had a beautiful gravel road all to ourselves. Somewhere south of Sienna.

New frame ready to assemble.

Special extra lightweight dropouts and parts on this one.

Modified René Herse crankbolts courtesy of JP Weigle.

Polished stainless face on the pannier boss- no chipping paint here! The dropout face is also polished, but hidden by the skewer.

I re-shaped the ends of the fenders. Much more pleasing to my eye than the way they are delivered.

The finished bike after a few hundred kilometers. Photo courtesy Theo Roffe.

Another new bike, ready for its maiden voyage.

Photo courtesy George Retseck.

On a beautiful road somewhere in Pennsylvania. Photo courtesy George Retseck.

Shop all tidied up for the Open House. Photo courtesy Deb Banks.


Friends came from all over for the Open House. Photo courtesy Bob Freeman.

Another from the Open House- this must have been before we fired up the bbq, lots of frowning! Photo courtesy Theo Roffe.

On the last ride of 2017, I found a peaceful picnic spot I had never seen before, even though I’ve been riding up and down that road for 25 years. Wonderful new discoveries can happen in the most mundane places. Here’s hoping 2018 is as good or better!

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