Big Pink


Photo Credit: Christopher Grande

“Custom” means a lot of different things in the bike world.  In my career as a framebuilder, I’ve never built two identical bikes.  Each one is the result of conversations with and studies of the future owner.  The results are as different as the people they are for, all with a common thread: me.  Every bike I build involves lots of planning, calculating, and reflection; but once in awhile one comes along that requires a little extra.  In this case, I was lucky enough to work with Chris and make him the first bike he’s ever had that really fits.  We spent a lot of time playing with my Serotta fit bike and talking about things like crank length.  I spent a lot of time on my own sourcing tubes the right diameter that were long enough to do what I had in mind.  It was fantastic to see the grin on his face the first time he rode it!


Schmidt SL “connectorless” hub, SL dropouts made by Hahn Rossman, full custom lowrider rack, Columbus “randonneur” fork blades.


Vintage 8-speed Dura Ace, MAP Bicycles dropouts.


Custom threadless stem with bell mount and Hahn Rossman rotary light switch, decaleur, front rack.


New Bike Day!!! Happy rider, and happy short fat builder 😉 Photo Credit: Ilsina Nazarova.

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