Noel’s green machine

Noel is a very accomplished randonneur from Seattle.  He owns a few nice bikes, including a nice 650B bike that he got several years ago, so I was flattered when he asked me to make him another one.  He had a pretty clear idea in mind of what he was after, and since I’ve ridden a lot of miles with him I also had some ideas about what I thought would work well.

The bike has many of the usual details appreciated by randonneurs- a dynamo lighting system powered by a Schmidt hub with automatic connectors, lightweight tubeless 650bx42 tires, aluminum fenders, removeable lowrider racks for weekend trips…the only real surprise was the color!  I had expected something a little more subdued and would not have chosen the bright green, but I really like it.  Great choice Noel, see you on the road!



Raw materials.


Lower headlug, re-shaped.


Taking shape!


Making the indent where the fender attaches under the fork crown, just one of the many small details in a proper aluminum fender installation.


Just needs pedals!




Top end of Lezyne pump, Compass brake. I make a special modification to these pumps to allow mounting between pegs instead of with the awful clip they come with.


Bottom end of Lezyne pump, MAP dropout.


One response

  1. Gérard

    Salut Corey, très belle randonneuse avec laquelle il ne va pas passer incognito; les badauds vont se retourner, c’est sûr !!!

    February 13, 2016 at 5:20 pm

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