Vinny’s bike, all done!

Photographed by Doug Rosenfield


I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.  Vinny wanted to try fat 650B wheels, but his tastes run more toward the new-wave so we decided on a sloping top tube and a stiff frame made from large diameter tubes.  There’s a USB charging port on top of the stem which is powered by the dynamo hub, and it has S&S couplers so he can travel with it more easily.  I think it’s a very successful blend of traditional and modern, taking the most functional aspects from yesteryear and pairing them with the best of today.

I finished assembling the bike and Vinny came to pick it up on a Saturday afternoon.  It was a perfect dry and crisp fall afternoon, so we decided to go for a little shakedown ride.  After perhaps a mile, we stopped to make a small seat height adjustment and then took a meandering scenic route to the Olympia Coffee Roasting Company where we sat and relived some of our great rides from the year.  Before long it started to get dark so we switched on our lights and headed for home.  As I write these words a little more than a week later, the bike already has more than 200 miles on it.  Let’s hope it’s a sign of many more to come!

Photographed by Doug Rosenfield

Photographed by Doug Rosenfield

Photographed by Doug Rosenfield

Photographed by Doug Rosenfield

Let’s go!!!





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